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i don't understand how the x factor works.

I really like Lucy. I do! I liked her from the beginning. Her brand of music is so fun and I'm pretty sure when she first auditioned I texted Caitlin something like, "Female Ed Sheeran!!! Yeah!!!" I like watching her audition! I like listening to her sing and watching her perform, but.

Big but here.

She's not on an equal playing field with the rest of the finalists and that's not okay. At least, it's not okay with me; a lot of people don't seem to have a problem with it, and you know? That's fine. I just don't understand it. I'm sure a lot of the other finalists, like James Arthur or Ella Henderson, would've liked to do their own material for the live show. They're both really good song writers, but were they given that option? I mean, we don't see all of what goes on behind the scenes and we do know that Arthur did put quite a bit of himself into that arrangement of that FUCKING KELLY CLARKSON SONG (I am so sick of that Kelly Clarkson song) but it's still not quite the same as getting to perform your own stuff and, as Lucy said, get your own message across. Maybe it's on the contestants; maybe they have to ask to do their own work but - Ella's sixteen. She's probably not going to ask something like that because she's young and nervous and hasn't been doing this forever (like, you know, Lucy has, with her gigs five nights a week but that's neither here nor there at the current moment). James Arthur still seems confused as to why he's even there, and I honestly don't think Nicole is the greatest mentor to him because she has to deal with Jahmene's lack of confidence and Rylan's... Everything. Ella's just lucky she has Tulisa or else she'd be a complete wreck.

Lucy's also blown two auditions. Two. Yeah, she did well at her initial audition, and the one at the O2, but the singing battle thing was a complete wreck and, honestly, I would've sent her home after that because it was very clear she absolutely wrecked it. They gave her another chance and she did well at the O2 but at judge's houses??? I don't understand why Tulisa thought she was right over Amy or Jade Collins. Both of those girls had beautiful voices and strong auditions, while Lucy floundered with her own arrangement and her crutch there to support her. She doesn't have the strongest voice and while she's an excellent entertainer shouldn't it be more about the singing? (Also whenever any of the judges say she's got a gorgeous voice, it confuses me? It's not bad but it's nothing compared to the girls who were sent home from Tulisa's house.) I have this same problem with Rylan, but this isn't a post about Rylan, it's about Lucy.

I have no doubt in my mind that, if Lucy had kept up with her pub gigs, she would've gotten her break. It may not have been on the scale of The X Factor, but it would've been a break and she'd have a record and her niche audience. I just don't think she's right for this competition, and they're putting her on a different level by giving her an advantage over the others in a way that they may not even realize. Then again - it's darling Simon Cowell, so he probably realizes it. My point is, I wouldn't vote for Lucy because she already has these advantages they're not giving to the rest of the top 13-now-12 and that doesn't sit well with me. I've never watched The X Factor before this season and based on this I'm not sure I'll watch it again. I'd quit now but I'm really very invested in Ella, so.

Why do I have so many feelings about this show.
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