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i'm gonna shine like a star.
03 September 2015 @ 02:06 pm

Comment to be added.

i'm gonna shine like a star.
11 October 2012 @ 04:18 pm
For myself so I can rub it in everyone's faces when I'M RIGHT

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Arin Ray
3. Beatrice Miller
4. Reed Deming
Eliminated: Diamond White, James Tanner

1. David Correy
2. Vino Alan
3. Daryl Black
4. Tate Stevens
Eliminated: Tara Simon, Jason Brock

1. Jennel Garcia
2. Willie Jones
3. CeCe Frey
4. Jillian Jones
Eliminated: Paige Thomas, Nick Youngerman

2. Emblem 3
3. Lyric 145
4. Playback
Eliminated: Sister C, Dope Crisis

Also I think it would be hilarious if the twist was (because of course there's going to be a twist) that Britney didn't have to eliminate anyone and all the teenies stayed because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE CHILDREN CRY. I'm already like 90% sure it's going to take forever for a solo teen contestant to get eliminated because no one wants to see that. First to go are probably going to be the over 25s because none of them are memorable! I couldn't remember any of their names except Tara, who I despise, and the one guy with the tattoos whose last name is Correy who also annoys me.

I'm so excited I don't even know how I thought of anything else today.
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i'm gonna shine like a star.
08 October 2012 @ 12:49 pm
Alternatively: If I could vote for The X Factor UK, I would not vote for Lucy Spraggan, and here's why.Collapse )

Why do I have so many feelings about this show.
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i'm gonna shine like a star.
01 June 2012 @ 09:30 am
I should probably mention that huh.
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i'm gonna shine like a star.
title: the love you take (is equal to the love you make)
pairing: gen
words: 2,487
rating: t for language, underage alcohol use? 
summary: mary didn't think stealing a bottle of ogden's and going into the woods was something you do at weddings, but she certainly wasn't going to stop marlene from doing so.
notes: lionkate made me do it, and then it got too long for tumblr. you can blame her for everything (except my mistakes; those are strictly mine and maybe josie's because she read this over for me.).

mary macdonald's mother never really had time to teach her much.Collapse )

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i'm gonna shine like a star.
title: like dylan in the movies
subject: schooltime marauder era
notes: contains thirteen tracks from artists such as the beach boys, carly simon, bruce springsteen, and many more. download link and details under the cut.

and wouldn't it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong?Collapse )
i'm gonna shine like a star.
title: i can see a lot of life in you
subject: amy pond/martha jones
notes: prompted by lo/jackassing on tumblr. contains music by sufjan stevens, ray lamontagne, and some other people. from when martha and amy first meet after the doctor leaves amy, through their friendship, and into their relationship. download links under the cut.

now i remember all too well just it feels to be all aloneCollapse )
i'm gonna shine like a star.
title: she's got superpower lovin'
pairings: amy/martha, rory/amy/eleven otfriendship
words: 984
rating: m just to be safe? idk there is under the skirt action.
summary: leave it to rory and eleven to ruin a perfectly good snog.
notes: based on the three sentence au fic meme on tumblr. this is both my first real fic and unbetaed so all mistakes are my own. feedback is much appreciated.

she's only been seeing martha jones for a few months, but it feels both longer and shorter than that at the same time.Collapse )
i'm gonna shine like a star.
18 August 2011 @ 10:47 pm
title: so faithful, so few
subject: the first order of the phoenix
notes: includes music by sufjan stevens, arcade fire, ben folds, and an assortment of others in no particular order. download links and other things under the cut.

we won't need legs to stand when we receive to see a change at lastCollapse )