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like dylan in the movies - a schooltime marauder era fanmix

title: like dylan in the movies
subject: schooltime marauder era
notes: contains thirteen tracks from artists such as the beach boys, carly simon, bruce springsteen, and many more. download link and details under the cut.

so. uh. i have a lot of marauder music headcanon.  i was talking about it on my tumblr, but i'll rehash a bit of it: they all (the four boys in particular) have very distinct tastes in music. sirius gravitates towards intense electric guitars like jimi hendrix and led zeppelin (and maybe insists black dog is his theme song because it's his favorite band and his animagus form!!!), while james is more about mellower guitars with bob dylan and eric clapton. remus kind of surprises people and loves the doors. loves them, muttering about jim morrison's genius and sirius, if you don't quit referring to yourself as the lizard king your life will end. it's kind of brilliant. peter likes everything his mates like, of course, but his favorites are the who and the rolling stones because they're very cool. of course they like more than these - there's a cream album in there somewhere (and james and sirius have arguments about whether or not eric clapton was better while he was still in cream or after) and some elton john ("lily likes elton john! it's research!" "sure it is, mate.") and what have you, but you can tell which album belongs to each person when you go through their crate in their dorm.

the girls are a bit less intense. mary macdonald adores abba's waterloo and has gotten every single person she knows to love it, too; oftentimes it's what they're listening to in the girls' dorm when marlene's out. marlene is the big music buff out of everyone; she's the first to hear the newest bands or newest albums. she influences pretty much everyone's music tastes (even the boys!) and revels in it. her absolute favorite is bruce springsteen's born to run album but she has the biggest album collection in at least all of gryffindor and ravenclaw combined, maybe all of hogwarts if she actually compared it. emmeline and dorcas spend a lot of their time in ravenclaw listening to fleetwood mac as they work, but that's all marley's doing; emm tries to break out the wizard music and everyone tells her to put it away and bring rumours back. dorcas, much to her chagrin, has very similar taste in music to sirius, though she tries to deny it every time it's brought up. she's had many an argument with him about the best zeppelin song - she insists on ramble on and he tells her she's full of shit and she ends up slapping him. lily's favorites are very... lily, for lack of a better way to say it. she swears by pet sounds as one of the greatest albums ever written and owns every single elton john album known to man. she likes things that make her smile, upbeat things, or things that just make her feel. 

some of their greatest times together, all of them, take place in the year 1977, laying about in the room of requirement, smoking cigarettes (sometimes pot) and listening to the beatles (sometimes pink floyd or whatever they wanted to, really, as long as it was marlene approved) and just talking or doing homework or doing nothing, if that's what they felt like doing. i think music played a huge part in the lives of the kids of the marauder era, and this is really only a little bit of it.

and now that you've read my rambling, on to the actual mix bit. it's more songs they listened to than songs that ~describe them, though some do just that. also, i know the text on the back cover is a bit hard to read; i went in to change it after i saved it but my photoshop died and i was stuck. finally, the title is from a belle and sebastian song that is definitely not on this mix but i thought it fit rather nicely, so here it is!


one. black dog l led zeppelin

i gotta walk, can't stand still,
got a flamin' heart, can't get my fill,
eyes that shine burning red,
dreams of you all through my head.

two. lay lady lay l bob dylan

why wait any longer for the world to begin?
you can have your cake and eat it too.
why wait any longer for the one you love
when he's standing in front of you?

three. dance (while the music still goes on) l abba

dance while the music still goes on
don't think about tomorrow
dance and forget our time is gone
tonight's a night we borrow

four. goodbye yellow brick road l elton john

maybe you'll get a replacement
there's plenty like me to be found
mongrels who ain't got a penny
sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground

five. thunder road l bruce springsteen

we got one last chance to make it real
to trade in these wings on some wheels
climb in back, heaven's waiting on down the tracks
oh oh come take my hand, riding out tonight to case the promised land

six. legend in your own time l carly simon

but you're a legend in your own time
a hero in the footlights
playin' tunes to fit your rhyme
but a legend's only a lonely boy 
when he goes home alone.

seven. alabama song l the doors

oh moon of alabama
we now must say goodbye.
we've lost our good old momma.
and must have whiskey,
oh you know why.

eight. secondhand news l fleetwood mac

one thing i think you should know
i ain't gonna miss you when you go
been down so long
i've been tossed around enough

nine. back in the u.s.s.r. l the beatles

oh, show me round your snow peaked mountain way down south
take me to you daddy's farm
let me hear you balalaika's ringing out
come and keep your comrade warm 

ten. us and them l pink floyd

us and them
and after all we're only ordinary men
me, and you
god only knows it's not what we would choose to do

eleven. fire l the jimi hendrix experience

you don't care for me
i don'-a care about that
gotta new fool, ha!
i like it like that
i have only one burning desire
let me stand next to your fire

twelve. see my way l the who

tried so hard to make me think my point of view was bad
although at times when you kept on i thought that i was mad
some way, some day, i'll find a way
to make you see my way

thirteen. wouldn't it be nice l the beach boys

wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
in the morning when the day is new
and after having spent the day together
hold each other close the whole night through

zip with cover art
please comment if you download!
Tags: era: marauder era, fandom: harry potter, fanmix
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